Most people do not think experience is an important factor while selecting Auckland hairdressers. There are some many well-established old hairdressers in Auckland, and then there are some new ones. Both have their pros and cons- so let’s review both types of hairstylists.

New Auckland hairdressers

New hairdressers have a lot of ideas, enthusiasm and many latest hairstyling skills. If you want something latest and coolest, then new hairdressers will help you out. But on the downside, they haven’t seen sufficient results to develop the necessary intuition to know which solution will help in which case. Though there are some extremely good new Auckland hairdressers, some are really bad as well- so choose carefully.

Some new hair salons have training and mentoring programs. This helps new hairdressers and fresh graduates learn more about the hairstyling trends. They offer extra training in hair styling, cutting, and colouring, plus other techniques- resulting in highly skilled professionals who know what they are doing, and can deal with a wider range of problems. And if the hair salon has made it mandatory for attendants to go for training classes- that’s the best.

Old Auckland hairdressers

Old hairdressers would be the ones who have been in the business for more than 3 years. It would be best to get a hairdresser who is under 35 years of age. The main reason for going for an established hair salon is that if they have made at least 3 years in this industry, it means that they have some good services to offer. Obviously a lot of clients have given them their vote of confidence, and that’s the reason they are still operating. Old Auckland hairdressers are experienced and they know which hairstyle will suit best on you, and what not to try. They can suggest you a good image. Then again, there are good and bad hairdressers, and you must take your pick carefully. There are many hairstylists who are doing it just for the sake of money. Avoid them.

Been here forever

And then there are some old Auckland hairdressers that have been operating for many years. They are usually older than 40 and have been practicing for long. They are generally burnt out, using the same styles over and over again. But wait- if it is a traditional hairstyle that you want, you can’t get a better hairdresser than an old and seasoned one. They might not be great with new styles, but they are super pros with classy hairstyles.

Which one of these Auckland hairdressers should you choose? Well, you must use your best judgment for that. Are you looking for an ultra-modern hairstyle or a classic one? Ask yourself this question, and it would help you out. If you are looking for Hairdressers in Auckland, check out the online directory for top Auckland Hairdressers which also has some great tips on hairdressing that will help you achieve beautiful and healthy hair you’ve always desired.