Care and protection for all scalp conditions

This innovative care system gets to the cause of frizzy hair – with up to 48 hour long-term anti-frizz guarantee without weighing the hair down or making it appear lifeless.Suitable for all hair types, AntiFrizz provides lasting stabilization of the moisture balance of the hair and counters fluctuations in the hairs moisture levels, leaving the hair desensitized to changing conditions so frizziness and electrostatic build up is prevented even in high humidity and dry indoor environments. Structural weaknesses are balanced out and the outer layer of the cuticle is strengthened and smoothed. Hair is shinier, silkier, easier to manage and holds its style while looking natural and full of body



A hair calming shampoo with an aqua-style complex containing sweet almond oil leaving the hair easier to comb without weighing it down. Soothes unmanageable hair and improves smoothness with anti-frizz effect. Apply evenly onto the hair, lather, lightly massage in. Then rinse.


A restructuring and taming conditioner which is ideal for unruly, dry, stressed and unmanageable hair. Containing ultra light lipids and silicone elastomers this conditioner provides the hair with moisture, restructures and makes the hair silky and glossy with intensified anti-frizz effect. Apply once or twice a week, leave to work for 3 – 5 minutes then rinse.


For a conditioning finish with smooth stylability. Containing Chitosan and Guar derivative, the hair structure is quickly balanced to provide silkiness, elastic hold and a lasting anti-frizz effect. Apply to hair after every wash. Leave in – do not rinse.


Intensive control to get unruly hair under control quickly and reliably and keep it in shape. UV filters and Elastomer help to smooth troubled lengths and ends and keeps them in shape with perfect anti-frizz effect. Ideal for freshening up. Apply on dry hair when hair is in need of intense smoothing. Leave in – do not rinse.