Care and protection for all scalp conditions

It is a common misconception that the hair and scalp can be treated as one. The scalp is a continuation of the facial skin and therefore needs to be treated appropriately from a skin perspective. What is necessary for your hair may be very different to what is needed to treat your scalp. A well functioning scalp is essential for beautiful, healthy hair.

Flakes, itchiness, pain, tightness, hair loss, stringy, dull and lifeless hair are all signs of scalp conditions. Incorrect care regimes, chemical treatments, coloring, blow drying, stress, and environmental influences all contribute to the increasing number of people experiencing complex scalp issues today.“Nearly 70% of clients who come to us have a scalp condition, and most of the time they’re not even aware they have one or more likely they’re too embarrassed to ask for help” says La Biosthetique Certified Scalp Specialist Kirsty Conias.

The LA BIOSHTHETIQUE Methods range has been specially developed with plant-based lipoamino acids to combat all scalp conditions. Our salons who stock the Methods range ensure that every client is treated to our unique Scalp Analysis System. This unique test analyses the main scalp attributes such as ph levels, oil production levels and the presence of flakes which allows our specially trained stylists to determine which products are most appropriate for treatment.

For more complex scalp conditions our highly trained Certified Scalp Specialists will effectively and scientifically evaluate and treat your concerns.


METHODE PELLICULES – For dandruff and flaky scalps 

Dandruff is caused by the weakening of the scalps natural immune system from factors such as stress, environmental influences or inappropriate care products. There are two types of dandruff; dry dandruff with symptoms that include fine grey or white loose flakes or oily dandruff with symptoms such as large oily or yellowy flakes that stick to the scalp. Banish this embarrassing problem for good!


When the scalp produces too little sebum the hair and scalp don’t receive enough oil to function optimally. The scalp becomes itchy and tight, hair loses its shine, elasticity is reduced and hair feels rough and can sometimes snap off or even fall out.

METHODE REGENERANTE – For hair loss and growth issues

Hair loss and growth issues can be a distressing experience. It can be caused by factors such as stress, illness and medications, vitamin and mineral deficencies, hormonal changes including pregnancy and genetics. Initial signs of hair loss can include hair becoming finer and brittle, loss of resistence and reduced manageability. If left untreated this leads to diminished hair quality and hair loss.

METHODE SENSITIVE – For sensitive scalps 

Different factors such as stress, nutrition and central heating can cause oversensitivity to the scalp which can lead to a red, tight and itchy scalp that is sensitive to touch.

METHODE NORMALISANTE – For oily and sweaty scalps

The most commonly misdiagnosed scalp condition. Too much oil and sweat on the scalp can quickly make the hair look straggly and collapse hairstyles. The abnormal scalp environment makes the scalp susceptible to irritation and hair growth disorders can develop.



Fine hair is particularly fragile and suffers when the hair cuticle is disturbed causing it to lose bounce, elasticity, volume and substance. Hair can appear limp and unstable.