After a particularly bad ‘scare cut’ at another Auckland salon, I was not exactly jumping for joy on my way to to Ministry of Hair; would this be another disappointment and then an 8 week wait before my hair was long enough to find somewhere better? Not this time!! After spending the afternoon with Abbie and Emma, I have found the first salon since leaving the UK almost three years ago that I will definitely be visiting twice (and more!). Emma was AMAZING – I have no idea what she did, but I am just glad she did it! She understood exactly what I wanted and for the first time in years I left the salon with that hair shampoo ad feeling! I am already looking forward to how great it will look next time. Spend an hour with Emma and she can take ten years off you (in the best way possible!). Art without the drama, this is hairdressing at its very best. I loved it so much I promised to take chocolate for them next time!! Go there. I am so glad I did – you will be too.